I have been focused on the word impression over the two long days moving across the better part of the country to my new vocational home. There was ample time to reflect on the impressions made in my previous work and the imprints that were left; the impressions I expected to encounter as I began to take in the new surroundings; and the imprinted reality of meeting these new impressions as they are.

I am overwhelmed by the universal truth of God’s unconditional love and the reality that so many have rejected his plan of salvation. The imprinted certainty is one of choice. Ron Rolhieser says that for many, the choice is to remain in “a private hell of woundedness, of fundamental alienation, of sin, of paranoia, of fantasy, and of fear” that grips their lives.

The mission of faith is to walk with those caught in the rationalization of this disordered life and outside of true love. Someone once said that a true missionary is someone who goes where he or she is not wanted, but is needed; and leaves when he or she is wanted, but not needed. So the journey continues – new impressions to be made and understood – what a wonderful blessing.

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