A Light to Others

In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus tells us, “You are the light for the whole world” (Mt 5:14) This is one of those verses that many Christians see as intended for others more “holy” than they are. They see their lives like the dark side of the moon, unable to reflect anything good. But how can we feel so incapable of being this light?

I feel part of this comes from not wanting to be seen. We like to live out our faith in the shadows and on the fringes where faith is lived as a private aspect of life. We are fearful that our light will not shine because of the darkness that we have allowed into our life. But Jesus wouldn’t have said that all of us “are the light” if he didn’t know that we possess it.

The light the Lord is speaking about is love. Take a moment and reflect on people in your lives who have inspired you by their faithfulness in honoring commitments. People who have gone out of their way to help others. We all know these people and have been blessed to have witnessed their light.

In these selfless actions, what we have witnessed are examples of love in action. The Lord is asking each of us to embrace this light by reflecting His love to others through something as simple as small acts of kindness.

It’s time to step out of the shadows and shine the light of your love. Don’t go and make some grand plan. Just trust in the goodness of God and simply reflect love to others as you go through your day. You can do this!

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