Living In Awe

I have always been struck by the change in countenance that comes over many of us when we enter into a deep examination of our life, opening our hearts to God, as we come before Him in the spiritual nakedness of reconciliation.

The first time I heard the Holly Miller (aka Hollyn) song In Awe, I was spellbound. I felt she captured the power, beauty, and awesomeness of reconciling ourselves to the Lord.

Every day I fall
But You never let me go . . .
You know what I’ve been . . .
No, not innocent like you
Oh God, I’m sorry

When we separate ourselves from God through selfish actions, he never stops desiring our return – to be in communion with him.

I’m living in awe
Because You don’t need me at all
But You couldn’t love me more

This unconditional, unmerited, and unfathomable love is utterly awesome. We can enter this state of awe when we humble ourselves, embrace the servant heart within all of us, and know that even when we feel unworthy, he sees worth in us. Live in Awe.

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