2017 Tops in Catholic Social Media

Recognizing bold and effective evangelization in the new public square

The Fisher’s Net Awards is a way to encourage and recognize churches, ministries, and apostolates who have drawn from the Church’s rich history of using art, design, and technology to reinvent the proclamation of the Gospel for a modern age in the new public square.


Yes, blogging is still a thing. This category recognizes the best Catholic blogs and their bloggity blogging bloggers. Here are the 2017 picks.

Carrots for Michaelmas carrotsformichaelmas.com

Fr. Z’s Blog wdtprs.com/blog

Life Teen lifeteen.com/blog

One Peter Five onepeterfive.com

Our Franciscan Fiat ourfranciscanfiat.wordpress.com

Shameless Popery shamelesspopery.com

Simcha Fisher simchafisher.com

These Stone Walls thesestonewalls.com 


The internet continues to be the place where people of all walks of life gather to exchange pieces of their lives. We share ideas, pictures, stories, movies, and more there. It is truly the new public square and undoubtedly where the apostles would go to proclaim the Kingdom if they were commissioned today. Here are the best overall 2017 websites.

Church of the Resurrection corlansing.org

EpicPew epicpew.com

EXALT exaltplano.com

Impacting Culture impactingculture.com

Migrants + Refugees migrants-refugees.va

St. John XXIII Catholic Community stjohn23.org

Those Catholic Men thosecatholicmen.com

Word on Fire wordonfire.org 



With technology what it is today, anyone can have a ‘radio’ show. If you’ve got interesting things to say or interesting people to ask, this is an amazing way to share your Catholic identity with the world in a time when it’s desperately needed. Here are the 2017 picks.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know catholicstuffpodcast.com

How-to Catholic madetomagnify.com/category/podcast

The Art of Catholic matthewsleonard.com

Catholic Hipster catholicdrinkie.com/hipstercast

Catching Foxes catchingfoxes.fm

Coffee & Pearls sterlingjaquith.com/coffee-and-pearls

The Liturgy Guys liturgicalinstitute.org/the-liturgy-guys

Pints with Aquinas mattfradd.com/pints-with-aquinas


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