Albert Einstein captured it well: “A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for.”

I hope in some way to inform, inspire, and nurture those on similar journeys to find that place they were created to be in. We are all created with unique gifts but often struggle to understand, accept and then act on these special gifts. When you step out in faith by acting on what you know is true, you open yourself to a happiness that is only found in service to the One who created it all.

By trusting in the One who is the personification of Divine Love, then saying goodbye is just the next step in saying hello. I have faith in this journey as everything had to happen exactly as it did to get me where I am going next.

I am forever grateful for the love shared; the lives touched; the lessons learned from all who I have been blessed to know. You made me who I am and instilled in me the confidence and desire to be all that I was created to be. The journey continues.