Encounter the Word


“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”

ST. jerome

Encounters are those experiences where people leave lasting impressions in our lives, and they can either feed or wound our relationships.  In some cases, an encounter can move us from having no relationship to having a new and amazing relationship. In other cases, encounters strengthen existing relationships.

Whether we are away from Christ and are in need of an encounter to bring us to (or back to) Him, or whether we have been walking with Him for years but we feel our sense of relationship with Him could be strengthened, encounters are the wellspring of relationships.

Encountering Jesus is the foundation for all renewal. Knowledge of Scripture is knowledge of Christ. And it is not a simple knowledge of the facts about Jesus, but rather a relational, growing acquaintance with Jesus. We read the Scriptures to come to know not just things about Him but to come to know Him.

“In the Scriptures, we encounter challenges that invite us to grow. These challenges tend to come in two types: in the things that are not as clear, and in the things that are very clear. Commenting on the difficulties found in Scripture, St. Augustine said that God placed them in the texts so that we would return again and again to ponder the mysteries.” – Curtis Martin